Protection of metal surfaces with an appealing aesthetic appearance.

Zodex performs the plastification of metal surfaces using polyester and epoxy-polyester paints. You will have multiple benefits from metal plastification. Plastification is the most favorable method when it comes to protection of metal surfaces from corrosion. Moreover, it provides high resistance to mechanical influences, chemicals and external influences. Plastification also provides good insulating properties.

Plastification is a complex process and consists of:

  • preparation of material for plastification- removing dirt and grease from the powder coating layer,
  • the application of a uniform powder coating using a large electrostatic potential difference,
  • heating process, by exposure to heat at certain temperature and for the certain time (depending on the material), wherein the powder is brought into semi-liquid state, in order to be evenly spread across the surface,
  • cooling - the last stage when the powder passes from a semi-liquid state to a permanently solid state.