Joining aluminum pieces with pure metal seam

The aim of the welding is to merge a piece of aluminum to produce a solid, clean, impermeable, non-porous seam without cracks.

Aluminum is one of the hardest welding materials because of its high topological conductivity, but when someone owns quality tools, professional, responsible and experienced masters of craftsmen such as Zodex, then such a problem is not a big obstacle.

Among other things, we have many years of experience in the construction of boats and smaller vessels whose construction and hull are made of aluminum. These vessels are still fully seaworthy today, which is a confirmation of the quality of our welds.

Aluminum welding is done by MIG-MAG process on Fronius devices.

In addition to aluminum, we are also welding steel and we are engaged in the production of metal structures, which can be seen in the pictures below.